Thursday, July 8, 2010

She's a Natural

I am having so much fun!! Fun doing what? Why, teaching my neice to sew, that's what. Nothing is better than working with someone who has an interest in what you are interested in. And when they ask you to teach them what you know....Wow! What an honor and privilege it is to share your craft! I'm lovin' it!!!!
Kelsey is a natural seamstress. She has taken to this new skill like a duck takes to water! I'm amazed at what she is crankin' out. Her projects have been varied, from quilting to home dec. She's not afraid to try anything! Some she has really enjoyed, like making Amy Butler's "Gum Drop Pillow", and her quilt "Circle Around" (found in BHG's Quilts & More Summer edition) The one thing she wasn't too impressed with was YoYo making. She thought the Indygo Junction animals were really cute, but once she gave yoyo making a try she decided she would raid my bags (yes, I said bags) of yoyos to make her animal. (I guess I'm one of the few who enjoys that mindless activity.)
I never know what will catch her attention next. I do know that whatever it is, she will get after it and turn out a great project!

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